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Auto Insurance
What is Auto Insurance? When you buy an auto insurance policy, you are actually buying several individual coverages. Each coverage protects you against different types of losses. A brief description of the six basic coverages is provided here.

Bodily Injury Liability* pays for the other person’s medical expenses, rehabilitation, funeral costs, and other cover costs, if you or your family are at fault in an auto accident. It also pays for settlement of lawsuits and your legal expenses.
Property Damage Liability* pays when you or your family members damage other property in an accident. It pays for repair, replacement, or cash value of the other owner’s property. It also pays for your legal expenses. Personal Injury
Protection (PIP or No-fault)* pays for medical expenses, rehabilitation, funeral expenses, lost wages, and in-home assistance for you and your passengers injured in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. Passengers who own their own cars collect under their policy.
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection* pays you or your passengers for medical, rehabilitation, and funeral costs. It also pays settlements of lawsuits resulting from an accident caused by an uninsured, underinsured or hit-and-run motorist. You and your family are covered as pedestrians or when riding your bike.
Collision pays for the repair of your car in a collision or rollover.
Comprehensive pays for damage to your auto resulting from windstorm, fire, hail, etc.

* These four coverages are required in Kansas.

Your homeowners policy will combine these coverages:

Dwelling - Protects your house, detached garage and storage sheds from fire, hail, windstorm, vandalism.
Contents - Protects furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings.
Additional Living Expenses - Pays for extra expenses you have for lodging, food, and other items if disaster forces you from your home.
Liability - Protects you when you or one of your family unintentionally injures someone or damages their property.
Medical Payment - Pays the bills for others injured while on your property.

Your renters policy insures household contents and personal belongings the same as a homeowners policy, but excludes dwelling coverage.